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HC-GZ017 Syringe Printing-Assembly Integrated MachProduct

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HC-GZ017 Syringe Printing-Assembly Integrated Machine
Product:HC-GZ017 Syringe Printing-Assembly Integrated Machine

HC-GZ017 Syringe Printing-Assembly Integrated Machine


The machine can manufacture all the kinds of syringes, including luer slip type, luer lock type and partial head type. With safety cover and detecting system.

Main working process:

1.Automatic feeding and printing.

2.Inspecting printed effect, eliminating defective products.

3.Inspecting inside of barrel, eliminating defective products with foreign matter, yellow spot, black spot etc.

4.Automatic oil injection for qualified products.

5.Automatic feeding and assembling of all the parts of syringes.

6.Inspection at exit of assembly machine, eliminating products without needles, gaskets, or plungers etc.

7.Finished products outlet directly connected with packing machine.

8.The complete equipment, including printing machine, detecting system, assembly machine, each controlled by respective and independent PLC. The three parts not only mutually independent (one needs maintenance,  others still work), but also connected (any material shortage of one machine could stop the equipment running).

9.The components that contacting with products have employed stainless steel (SUS304), Nylon(MC), appropriative conveyer belts for food production made by FDA-approved company, and other parts of the machine have been processed through antiseptic treatment. The welds and joints are smooth with aesthetic appearance.


technical parameter:

Producing Range         1-2ml         3-5ml     10-20ml        30ml        50ml

Producing Speed     160-180pcs/min   200-220pcs/min  200-220pcs/min    180-200pcs/min     160-180pcs/min

Rated Volt              220V / 50HZ

Product Size        8890x2490x2150mm

Power                        7000kw

Weight                      2730kg

Air Pressure              0.4-0.6MPa

Drawing sample: