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Construction machinery after-sales service important service to build brand
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After years of rapid development, China's crushing machinery and equipment beyond the powerful foreign markets, has become the world's largest mining machinery market. The domestic stone crusher entrepreneurs also developed rapidly, gradually mature, foreign well-known mining equipment entrepreneurs optimistic about China's machinery market, have rushed into the domestic market. In the fierce market competition, in today's serious homogenization of products, many crusher entrepreneurs began to play "service card", using services to build brands.

With the progress of society, the competition in the industry has entered the era of intense, well-known brands of products have no advantages, once again shows the importance of service, most of the crusher entrepreneurs have realized that high quality service has become an enterprise's "core", in order to retain customers in all aspects of caring service has become a magic weapon for each entrepreneur tacit. "One would like to make a wish to" this saying is also verified in today's market, to strengthen the service to win market and not the entrepreneur is now persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the terminal customer needs, some consumers are the stone machine enterprise service as brand choice standard.

Originally, mining machinery industry, reflecting the importance of the customer service is very obvious, from the installation mode, and teach how to operate until the daily maintenance of products, unexpected events encountered in the work, requires manufacturers timely and effective solutions, otherwise it will affect both the cooperation and brand impression. In daily work, the service to build brand the Great Wall